4 Reasons Why You Need A Flood Restoration Service Provider

Floods often cause more damage than fire because water seeps into the building material and lingers for days if it’s not cleared correctly. Excessive moisture doesn’t just cause damage to the structural elements but can also lead to other problems like mold infestations. At Cardinal Clean, we provide comprehensive flood restoration services in Phoenix. Here’s a look at why you need excellent professional assistance:

  1. Removing Water isn’t Easy 

Water is heavy and removing floodwater from a property is a very labor-intensive job. Restoration service providers have unique pumps and machines that extract water from the affected areas and store it in a tank for safe disposal. These machines remove standing water quickly and speed up the process, which limits the amount of damage.

DIY removal often requires filling buckets with floodwater and transporting them to a different location for disposal. This increases the risk of injuries and allows the water to sink into building material, which causes more damage.

  1. Flood Water is Contaminated 

Flood water contains contaminants regardless of the source of the flood. For example, if a water supply pipe burst and flooded the entire area around it, the water would still contain contaminants filtered through the building material. You can’t tell whether the water has harmful biological or chemical substances just by looking at it.

Companies that offer professional flood restoration services in Phoenix have the knowledge and equipment needed to remove all kinds of water. We use safety gear, test the water for contaminants, and follow the established guidelines for disposal.

  1. Moisture Lingers 

Removing flood water is just the first step in the restoration process. Professionals use industrial fans and dehumidifiers to remove all traces of moisture from the affected area.

If the moisture is allowed to linger, it can lead to mold buildup and compromise the structural integrity of building materials. Water is corrosive and can damage everything from wood floors to drywall from within.

  1. Assistance With Insurance 

Professional restoration companies have worked with insurance companies and understand their requirements. We will photograph and document all of the damage carefully so you can get adequate compensation from the insurance company.

We also sort through your possessions to determine what is salvageable and what can be discarded. Our goal is to save as much as we can through the best restoration techniques. This can help with insurance and ensure you get enough money from the company to cover all of your losses. 

Cardinal Clean provides reliable flood restoration services in Phoenix. If you want to get more information or need a free consultation, call 480-247-7724 or fill out this form. We’re here to help you, 24/7.