Electronic Cleaning and Restoration

Electronic Cleaning and Restoration in Phoenix

Disasters involving Fire, Water, Humidity, Smoke, or Soot can cause severe damage to your electronics. In the event you experience a disaster Cardinal Clean has certified staff members just a phone call away. Our Staff is trained to identify restoration repairs needed to your electronics.

Cardinal Cleans staff are trained and certified with up-to-date cleaning processes to restore your damaged electronics. Trained to identify and prevent Corrosion build up. Corrosion is a chemical reaction commonly found on electronics involved in this type of disasters. Corrosion on electronics; if not restored properly can cause  the item to stop functioning. When it comes to damaged electronics Cardinal Clean has you covered.

In most cases when disaster strikes in your home an insurance claim will be needed. Cardinal Clean has been working with local Insurance companies for over a decade. We have developed relationships by being trustworthy and providing quality work. This type of restoration can be covered under your personal property coverage in most claims.

Cardinal Clean is here to answer ANY question you may have please just give us a call we are available to help 24/7