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Consequences of Mold Growth in The Home

Mold removal is necessary for the wellness and safety of your home and those in it. A mold infestation affects not only the physical health of the residents in the home but the integrity of the structure itself, potentially causing long-term and irreparable damage.

Mold spores are everywhere but will only grow and flourish in your household if there is the presence of moisture, especially in warm and damp areas like your bathroom or basement. If your home has developed this problem, you will need to seek immediate, comprehensive black mold removal and remediation.

Mold Removal – A Matter of Personal Health

Extended exposure to mold growth has the potential to cause a variety of health issues or worsen pre-existing problems. Residents who are exposed to mold growth in the home can develop such health issues as:

  • Bronchitis
  • Headaches
  • Respiratory problems
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Sinus irritation
  • Skin and eye irritation
  • Wheezing

mold prevention tipsPeople living with asthma see an increase in symptoms due to long-term exposure to mold spores. Additionally, recent research has shown the possibility of a link between black mold exposure and the development of asthma in children.

Allergic reactions to mold are similar to those of seasonal allergies and hay fever.

Common signs that you are having an allergic reaction to mold growth are:

  • Itchy nose or throat
  • Sneezing
  • Stuffed up or runny nose
  • Watery eyes

Individuals with mold allergies or asthma are at an increased risk for illness if black mold treatment is not completed.

Mold Restoration for the Health of Your Home

Mold is a type of fungus, and although the spores are found almost everywhere, it doesn’t grow unless it is located in the right kind of environment. Once it grows enough to become noticeable, it is probably already having an impact on your health.

The importance of having professional mold remediation services extends from the health of your family to the safety of your house. It generally thrives in areas of your home where air and moisture exist. Leaks in your roof, window, and pipes are prime locations for the existence of damaging mold growth.

Everyday chores and activities like showering and cooking add the risks of developing a potentially dangerous mold growth problem in your home.

Mold will feed off the sources it attaches to, destroying that source unless a process to kill black mold is completed. It is impossible to remove mold from wood or drywall. Affected drywall, wood, and other materials need to be torn out and replaced.

Controlling Mold Growth

Phoenix area homeowners will never be able to remove all mold spores that exist in the home entirely, however, steps can be taken to prevent a mold overgrowth. The key to mold prevention is to control the moisture levels throughout your home.

Some steps you can take to help prevent potentially dangerous mold growth include:

  • Keep the humidity level below 60 percent and keep windows open during the many dry days in Phoenix
  • Prevent water buildup anywhere in the home
  • Do not leave wet clothes or other materials lying around
  • Repair leaks as soon as they are discovered
  • Dehumidifiers and air conditioners can help thwart mold growth in high-risk areas like crawl spaces and basements

If you notice mold growth in your home, you should hire professionals to protect your house and health. Cardinal Clean has years of experience in mold cleanup in Phoenix, AZ. Our impressive team of highly trained and reliable technicians provides the most affordable and comprehensive mold remediation services in the area.

Our goal is complete client satisfaction. For complete information on our professional mold removal services, call a mold removal specialist at Cardinal Clean today: 480-247-7724.

For expert, professional service, call us now 480-247-7724 24/7

For expert, professional service, call us now 480-247-7724 24/7