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Is Black Mold Dangerous, and How Do You Identify It?

Black mold is a common problem that can have devastating consequences when left unchecked. Many people don’t know the dangerous effects black mold can have on both your home and your health. Your home should be inspected regularly for any variety of mold, but especially black mold. How do you know if there is black mold in your home?

What is Black Mold?

Is Black Mold DangerousBlack mold is a type of fungus. As the name suggests, it is usually black in appearance, but can also have a green tone. Black mold can cause respiratory symptoms. These respiratory symptoms are more severe in the young and elderly, and with people who have asthma or are allergic to mold. Black mold is considered more toxic than other forms of mold because it contains more mycotoxins than other types of mold.

Black Mold Symptoms

You may notice that you have black mold growing in damp areas of your home. Most people don’t know how to detect black mold, or how to test for black mold. To begin checking for black mold, start in common problem areas, such as your bathroom or basement. Black mold feeds on the organic matter so it can be in hidden areas, such as insulation, carpet padding, or other subflooring.

If your home has experienced flooding, you are at a much higher risk for black mold.

Common places for black mold to thrive include:

  • Behind your refrigerator or freezer
  • In your ventilation
  • Behind drywall, especially if there is plumbing inside
  • Under carpeting or other floors where there is a subfloor

Remedying black mold as soon as you notice symptoms is incredibly important to protect the structure and integrity of your home. Organic material such as insulation and drywall may need to be replaced, which can get costly as the mold spreads.

Health Problems Resulting From Black Mold Exposure

If you are exposed to black mold, you may notice that it has an effect on your health. If you already have known health problems, have asthma, or are very old or very young, black mold can be devastating for your health. Health problems related to black mold include:

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Breathing issues
  • Lung irritation
  • Eye irritation
  • Skin rashes
  • Runny nose
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Memory problems

It is essential to take care of not only your home but your health and the health of your family.

How to Test for Black Mold

If you suspect that your home has black mold, tests are available at most home improvement stores. Viable mold kits test if there are mold spores present in the air, which can make you aware of black mold that may be hidden. If you can visibly see possible mold, there are also mold tests that test for mold on surfaces. The best way to test for mold is to have your home tested for mold by experts. This ensures that no mistakes will be made in the testing process.

How to Remove Black Mold

Once black mold is detected, it is not advisable for you to remove it yourself. Professionals must come out to perform black mold removal. They know how to kill black mold permanently; they will also remove and repair any damaged drywall. Professionals who know how to clean black mold will have all of the proper protective gear. Trying to eliminate black mold without the help of an expert can have potentially dangerous health consequences.

Mold Remediation in Phoenix

When it comes to mold removal, Phoenix residents rely on Cardinal Clean to protect their homes and health. If you suspect your home may have black mold, call Cardinal Clean today!

For expert, professional service, call us now 480-247-7724 24/7

For expert, professional service, call us now 480-247-7724 24/7